What can we offer?

How can we help?

·       Reinsurance collection calculation

·       Investigate where your reinsurers are now

·       Technical audits

·       Commutations

·       Inspections

·       Credit control

·       Filing proofs of claim

·       Due diligence work

·       Translation and proofreading service


Why should you choose to use us?

·       We offer confidentiality

·       We each have 30 years of experience and long memories

·       We have good connections, particularly in the U.K. and Scandinavia

·       We have an understanding of cultural difficulties in international collaborations

·       We are tactful and diplomatic

·       We have dogged determination

·       We are prepared to get our hands dirty

·       We are not afraid of attacking skeletons in cupboards

·       We work together as a team, bouncing ideas and finding solutions